The Top 6 Things Men Want From A Woman They Will Date and Marry

Here’s what I think are the 7 top things that guys are looking for and would like to have in your life. I know this doesn’t really surprise you, but actually it’s exactly what I thought it would be.

This is what ran through my mind when I was writing some of the material for my guide, so I decided to collect it all together and make it easier to read.

Discover what you may have been missing. Some key things that those men are looking for.

#1: Sexual Chemistry

Before even being seriously considered for marriage, you need to be a great girlfriend to your man and be solid dating material. And there’s no better way to attract him than to be a sexually appealing woman that he can’t get enough of in bed. Being willing to have sex with him frequently is a great start, but if you really want to step it up a notch, then you should look into more kinky sex acts, such as those detailed by notoriously kinky couple Seth and May. The greater your sex appeal is, the more he will want to be you and stay with you.

#2: Love

I thought aloud saying “Love”. It seems like every single person’s definition is different. Some people love to be told how pretty a person is. Does that apply to you? Love is more than just looks or attitude. Don’t fight that. Some people are indeed under the impression that all men are looking for is a woman that is a “bitch” and has a big ego. I personally think that there is more to it. Make sure that you are going to do what you say you are going to do. Trust me, this is huge.

#3: Patience

This virtue has been dying. It seems like in the past 30 years, men and women became as incompatible as we could be. It seems like things evolved with time. Patience was one of the things on which things turned around for me. I am patient at heart. That was one of the reasons that I was able to enjoy so many years of being single.

#4: Kindness

I know this seems like a small thing, but nice people do NOT finish last. I got better as I aged. I learned how to treat other people. It seems like this character trait is all modern. Let me emphasize that being kind to a waiter or citizen inside a restaurant, is kind, but only to a certain extent because they are just acquaintances or even strangers. Be nice to the people around you. Tell people how proud you are of them. Let people know that they are your cheer stars!

#5: Loyalty

It has been said that women who are loyal stay by a man’s side for a lifetime while men who cheat on a woman will find their way to the doorstep of another woman, they are cheating from a box of matches! This loyalty comes with having the firmness of character to stick through hard times. It is a deal breaker, because if you cannot be 100% honest with a person or anyone at all while you are in a dating relationship, then you really cannot be loyal to any person.

#6: Commitment

Commitment is one of the things that men are looking for. Because they do not want to feel like to have to “aunts”, they enjoy the unknown in a relationship a lot because it keeps boredom from creeping in. Men want an element of mystery.

Overall, men want women to finally understand what it is they actually want out of life. This has happened to many men before, but the fact that no one has figured out the answer to it, leaves men finally on their own and in the dilemma of either staying with their lady or leaving her completely.

If you are looking to do your part to change the male psyche, then you have no choice but to become all of these things on this list!