When Is The Right Time To Get Pregnant?

The process of getting pregnant involves more than just the sex act. Having said that, the age of the female plays a very important role in getting pregnant. The primary infertility in women is related to the ovulation process. This is why knowing your ovulation period is very essential to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Normally, the ovulation process occurs once a month and it is usually not a hard to predict. Women under the age of 18 is a big cause of secondary infertility. It is important to note that everybody has a different ovulation pattern. Also, getting pregnant is not a matter of having sexual intercourse with men but it is a matter of timing. Having sexual intercourse when a female is not ovulating will just prevent her from getting pregnant.

Older women may suffer from secondary infertility due to the malfunction of the ovaries and the menstrual cycle disruption. Women over the age of 40 are experiencing sterility. Ovarian disorders and fibroids are also causes of infertility in women. These conditions can cause the ovaries to stop working. Stress, illness and prolonged travel may also affect the ovulation process.

This natural process is all about timing. Women who have a shorter menstrual cycle or a delayed monthly period may be experiencing irregular periods and irregular ovulation period. Women who ovulate once a month may benefit from periodic sexual intercourse to keep track of their ovulation period.

Aside from the age of the female, other factors that may affect the fertility of women are overweight and underweight. Maintaining proper body weight and being fit is one way to increase the odds of getting pregnant. Prevalent reports have revealed that obesity has increased the chances of infertility in women.

Women who smoke needs to stop smoking before getting pregnant to help protect the fertility of women and to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Overweight women may have an iron deficiency, which can also disrupt the cycle of women.

These days, more and more infertility treatment centers are providing a wide range of facilities to help couples who need help to get pregnant. These centers are equipped with the latest technology to give some assistance when necessary. Many couples these days seek some form of fertility treatment to help them get pregnant.